Japan Residential Investment Company Limited (JRIC) is a closed-ended company incorporated in Guernsey, Channel Islands, whose shares are quoted on AIM. JRIC is a long-term investor seeking to provide shareholders with stable income together with capital growth. JRIC has assembled a large, diversified portfolio of residential properties in Tokyo and other major cities of Japan.


Japan Residential Investment Company Limited ("the Company") was established to make and hold investments in residential property in Japan. The Company through firms in which it has beneficial ownership (referred to collectively as the "Fund") seeks to provide Shareholders with stable income together with capital growth. The Fund intends to invest in and hold Japanese residential property predominantly situated in major conurbations which offer attractive yields and the potential for capital growth. Up to 15% of the Gross Asset Value (calculated at the time of investment) may be invested in commercial property once fully invested and measured at the time of investment. Although it is not the intention that the Fund will seek actively to invest in commercial property, it may acquire properties which include elements of commercial property (for example shops situated on the ground floor of an apartment block). In addition, the Fund may acquire a portfolio of properties comprising a mixture of residential and commercial properties. In this event the Fund, subject to prevailing market conditions, will seek to sell any freestanding commercial properties.


Follwing the passing of the continuation resolution on 19 July 2013, the life of the Company is now indefinite, subject to a continuation vote in 2018 and subsequently in every fifth calendar year thereafter.

INvestment Manager

KK Halifax Management Limited has entered into a management services agreement with JRIC to provide certain management services including negotiations on behalf of the JRIC or any non-Japanese incorporated subsidiaries.

Investment Adviser

K.K. Halifax Asset Management will identify suitable properties for investment and will provide asset management services to the Fund. The Investment Adviser is a sister company of Colliers International which was established in Japan in 1952. K.K. Halifax Asset Management is a joint venture company owned as to 50% by Hongkong Land (PPI) BV and as 50% by JA&A Holdings LLC.